Upper Dolpo Trek
25 Days


Dolpo is a high altitude culturally Tibetian region in the upper part of the Dolpo district of Western Nepal. In spite of the near inaccessibility of the region and tourism restrictions for the more remote parts, Dolpa is a popular destination for trekking tourism. Here, Upper Dolpo trek is the famous and very challenging trek in the Dolpa region. Dolpo, a land beyond the Himalayas, conjures up visions of mysterious monasteries, snow leopards and blue sheep. Upper Dolpo trek crosses the three high passes of Dolpa region. Far fewer trekkers enter the heavily restricted Upper Dolpo section of Shey Phoksundo National park, in comparison to Lower Dolpa. This trek is also possible during the summer, a period during which flora explodes in its splendor such as orchids, forget-me-not, etc. Lovely Lake Phoksundo is the center of attraction which is famous for its forever changing color of its water. The fascinating insight into the Tibetan way of life makes this an extremely varied and special trek.

Day to Day Itinerary

  • Day 01

    Arrive in Kathmandu Airport, transfer to hotel and welcome dinner in the evening.
  • Day 02

    Full day Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley and preparation for the trek.
  • Day 03

    Fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu.
  • Day 04

    Flight to Juphal and trek to Dunai.
  • Day 05

    Trek to Ankhe.
  • Day 06

    Trek to Renje.
  • Day 07

    Trek to Phoksundo Lake.
  • Day 08

    Trek to Phoksundo Khola.
  • Day 09

    Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang.
  • Day 10

    Cross the Kang La Pass and trek to Shey Gompa.
  • Day 11

    Rest and exploration day at Shey Gompa.
  • Day 12

    Cross the Saldang La Pass and trek to Namduna Gaon.
  • Day 13

    Trek to Saldang.
  • Day 14

    Trek to Sibu.
  • Day 15

    Trek to foot of the Jeng La.
  • Day 16

    Cross the Jeng La Pass and trek to Tokyu Gaon.
  • Day 17

    Trek to Dho Tarap.
  • Day 18

    Trek to Serkam.
  • Day 19

    Trek to Khani Gaon.
  • Day 20

    Trek to Tarakot.
  • Day 21

    Trek to Dunai.
  • Day 22

    Trek to Juphal.
  • Day 23

    Fly back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.
  • Day 24

    Leisure day and evening farewell dinner.
  • Day 25

    Departure to your destination.

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